The Maniatakeion Sponsors A Professional Aptitude Test For Koroni High School Students

Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Saturday, July 11, a number of Koroni high school students came to the offices of the Maniatakeion Foundation in Athens and took the Ariston, --a career aptitude test developed by an Athens University economics and business school team under Prof. Manolis Giannakoudakis and supported by Computer Academy. The students had learned about the test and were invited to take it at a presentation on career aptitude testing and technology made by Prof. Giannakoudakis in Koroni, under the auspices of

The Ariston is especially user-friendly and takes about 40 minutes to complete. It is based on a multitude of questions designed to detect aptitudes, using sophisticated computer algorithms to produce the results. Based on the analysis of their answers, and the aptitudes it detects, the program then identifies occupations for which the test taker is better suited. At a separate session, a specialized consultant discusses the results with the test taker. These follow-up sessions, also sponsored by the Foundation, are now being scheduled.

The Maniatakeion Foundation is very happy to be involved in events and activities in education involving Koroni high school, its students, and their families, and is looking forward to making this service available to them on a regular basis.