Economic Development

"The right to development signifies the right to a healthy and harmonious environment".

The Maniatakeion Foundation identifies, highlights and internationalizes comparative advantages areas of the Greek region associated with natural, historical and cultural resources. Namely:

• rational use of resources of the region, through actions aimed at promoting sustainable mild, charitable and profitable business initiatives,
• boosting competitiveness by encouraging creative initiatives for the benefit of society,
• integrated planning development, through in-depth studies and
• the use of EU programs.
The ultimate goal is to increase productivity and competitiveness, orientation to openness and innovation, stimulate investment and employment in a viable and sustainable way.

Considering the above, the creation of conditions for the development and improvement in the three economic sectors (agriculture and fisheries, processing and services) can be realized by achieving objectives and targets.

Overall objectives

Discouraging migration to large urban centers.

Creation of employment opportunities in the region.

Support of new areas for tourist development.

Specific Objectives

Faster improvement of the level of income and prosperity of the region, with the aim of

Rational use of resources in reducing income inequalities.

Demographic remediation of micro-domains, mainly agricultural in character, of which both the decline in population and the change in age structure in favor of older classes, create economic growth problem.

Increasing the efficiency of the economy with rational regional distribution of economic activities and population, which simultaneously facilitates the implementation of environmental protection policy.

Creating a balanced urban and functional network, suburban and rural settlements and their equipment with the necessary infrastructure.

Implement policy of environmental protection, natural - urban and anthropocentric.

Recommended Actions

Boosting competitiveness by encouraging creative initiatives (grants, subsidies, incentives, counterincentives, institutional measures) in circumstances where the local community receives the maximum possible information.

Integrated development planning, through detailed studies, aiming to raise the standard in quality of life and environment.

Exploiting European Union programs.