Social Pillar

"Voluntary contribution of every citizen is an important legacy and a solid foundation for any society".

The charitable donations of the Maniatakeion Foundation together with the collaboration of other agencies are inextricably linked to humanitarian actions,. These initiatives focus on Koroni and the wider municipality of Pylos-Nestor.
• Physical and moral contribution for the improvement of the social status and living conditions of the inhabitants of the municipality Pylos-Nestor.
• Upgrading the educational projects of the Municipality of Koroni.
• Awards to exceptional students and scholarships to high school graduates of the municipality Pylos-Nestor to study in Universities. Granting scholarships to university graduates for postgraduate studies in Greece or abroad, in areas related to the activities of the Foundation.
• Support to young people who are outside and within Greek borders, in scientific, cultural and social fields.
• Organising workshops and conferences in cooperation with the municipality Pylos-Nestor and others in matters requested by the local community.
• Reinforcing the work of churches of the region as well as other public welfare institutions.