Cultural Pillar

"We can divide people into two sorts: Those who leave a trail of cultural heritage and those who leave nothing behind them".

The Maniatakeion Foundation considers culture as a social asset and supports it by highlighting quality cultural events, by supporting actions that bring the audience closer to their cultural heritage and by cooperating and encouraging dialogues with the cultural institutions that promote artistic expression. Furthermore it creates and supports all initiatives that focus on citizens and the production of high quality cultural goods in all sorts and forms of art.

Initiatives should as a rule observe the following:

• The promotion of knowledge of history, its contribution in preserving cultural heritage and passing it down to younger generations.
• Contributing in the organization of events of educational nature (environment, culture).
• Creating an electronic library and connecting it with other libraries in Greece and abroad.
• Rescue projects and dissemination of folklore.
•Awarding honorary awards to personalities of the scientific and cultural field.
• Supporting publications of local interest and research activities related to the Foundation.
• The participation or collaboration of the Foundation with associations, unions, non-profit organizations in order to promote research and development in scientific and cultural levels.
• Strengthening relations with foreigners working within the area of the municipality Pylos-Nestor.
• The publication of books that help preserve the identity and historical consciousness and connecting people with their history and culture.