Design Competition

Friday, January 29, 2010

As part of its cultural and developmental activities, the Maniatakeion Foundation hereby announces an open competition for the preparation of a complete design relating to unification of the archaeological, historical, religious and tourist sites of Koroni as part of a single Cultural Park.

This design will relate to the Castle of Koroni, the Church of Panagia Eleistria and Zangas beach, and its main focus will include developing a brand for the Cultural Park, developing a communication and advertising plan, preparing proposals for info-materials and signage as well as preparing financial data relating to project implementation.

The purpose of the design is to safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of the area, and its archaeological, historical, religious and tourist sites, and to promote Koroni as a modern town offering high living standards to its residents, and as a destination of considerable interest to visitors. All proposals must be based on respect for the environment and local tradition.

The proposals for the design must highlight the historical importance and role of Koroni, and the beauty of the surrounding area, which are comparative advantages the town has to offer and must include the monuments, the environment and the routes linking them in an integrated whole.

The terms and conditions of the competition, information and clarifications are available from the Maniatakeion Foundation, 2 Papadiamantopoulou St., 210-7297700 and on the website Email: [email protected]

Of the top three designs chosen, an award will be bestowed on the first, and commendations on the second and third. The winning design will also receive a cash prize.


Download the Competition 's specifications