Activities Of The Maniatakeion Foundation

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Wednesday 26 November, the Maniatakeion Foundation held a Board meeting, where the President, Dimitris Maniatakis reported on the Foundation’s activities to date.

Among else, the following were discussed and decided:

  1. Cooperation of the Maniatakeion Foundation with the educational community of the Municipality of Koroni on issues such as:
    • Supporting the Library and the audiovisual recourses of the primary school of Koroni.
    • Awards for distinguished primary & high school students of Koroni
    • Supporting the Third Class of High School for events, excursions, etc.
    • Financial grants for foreign language or musical instrument learning, etc.

      A committee, composed of members of the Board and the Advisory Committee of the Maniatakeion Foundation, will visit the directors of Koroni’s schools to discuss these vital issues in order to contribute to the educational system.
  2. The second topic discussed concerned the social activities of the Foundation, which are to cooperate with the Holy Metropolis of Messene and the Pilgrimage of the Sacred Church of Panagia Eleistrias in Koroni, whose chairman is the Venerable Bishop Mr. Chrisostomos, in order to create a versatile Cultural Center in Koroni, to organize lectures, conferences and seminars to undertake charitable, cultural and social activities.
  3. Cooperation on cultural issues with other Greek and foreign institutions (Greek Institute in Venice, the Vatican Archives, University of Bologna).
  4. Organization of conference in June 2009, on the occasion of the 800 year anniversary from the Treaty of Sapienza, on the “Impact of the signing of the Treaty of Sapienza and the development of Venetian monuments”, with the participation of teachers from Greece and Italy. A four-member temporary committee was formed, consisting of Professor Alkiviadis Kostakis, the Venerable Bishop of Messenia Mr. Chrysostomos, the President of the Maniatakeion Foundation Mr. Dimitris Maniatakis, the Ambassador of Italy Mr. Gianpaolo Scarante and the Board member of the Maniatakeion Foundation Professor Andrea Nanetti. The conference will be coordinated by the member of the Advisory Committee of the Maniatakeion Foundation Mrs. Angeliki Gonou-Mitrou.
  5. Finally, it was decided to adopt the proposal of the New York University to create a seat for a “Global Distinguished Professor” on “Messenian Studies”, headed by the member of the Board of the Maniatakeion Foundation Professor Andrea Nanetti. It was stated that the proposal has attracted the interest of many Messenians from Greece and abroad, as the creation of such an office would promote Messenia to a broader audience, highlighting its history and culture and contributing towards the development of tourism.