Christmas Bazaar In Koroni

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A successful Christmas Bazaar was held at the initiative of the Women’s Society of Koroni with the support of the Maniatakeion Foundation, the Municipality of Koroni and the Koroni High School on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December in Koroni.

Among others, this was attended by the Prefect of Messinia Mr. Dimitris Drakos with his wife, who congratulated the organizing committee for its initiative and added that the Prefectural Government supports and encourages actions that strengthen the spirit of cooperation and promote cultural values and that the example of Koroni should be followed by other municipalities.

Although he had to address the issues of the rebuilding of the breakwater after recent natural disasters, the Mayor of Koroni, Mr. Theodore Salantis, said that he supports the strengthening of the cultural activities of residents of the Municipality of Koroni, many of which come from other countries.

At this point, we should note the strong participation of foreigners living in the wider region of the Municipality of Koroni, who embraced the initiative by participating actively in the social network of the Municipality of Koroni. The President of the Maniatakeion Foundation, Mr. Dimitris Maniatakis, said that this event, like the others held in the summer in Koroni, fits perfectly within the objective of the internationalization of the Foundation, which seeks to create a model municipality within the European Union, with an international image and participation in cultural, economic and sustainable development, and social and environmental sensitivity.

The Bazaar was also attended by the Mayor of Androusi, Mr. Aristomenis Papadopoulos and his spouse.

All proceeds from the Bazaar will be given to charitable purposes.